• Oak Memorial Plaque With Image

Oak Memorial Plaque With Image

Im glad to offer a unique opportunity to have an Oak Memorial Plaque, that's laser engraved into oak with an image of your choice. 

The laser engraving process for these images is very time demanding and complex. I offer this service as I do feel it really is unique and incredibly stunning. You will not find many others (if anyone) offering this service simply because it is to complex. It is not a straight forward process so you do need to provide me with an image with as high a resolution as possible, and preferably one where your loved one is against a white wall or background.

Once you place your order and have emailed me the image of your choice (please send an email to info@boatlicenceplates.co.uk)  I can then get to work on setting it up for the engraving process. After I have changed certain perimeters of the image I will be in a position to either proceed or abort. If I abort it basically means that the image you have sent me is not suitable for engraving. If it gets to this stage I will refund your money in full and you will not be responsible for any charges incurred on my part. 

90 percent of the time, this service can be carried out to not just fulfill your requirements, but exceed them. I do need to make you aware that although the engraving is incredibly life like, it is not as detailed as a photo yet once you see it, you will certainly be able to see the resemblance of your loved one. 

This Memorial Plaque is 110 mm x 110 mm x 19 mm deep. If you require something larger then please get in touch.

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Oak Memorial Plaque With Image

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